Philoptochos – June & July 2019


Dear Philoptochos Members and Friends:

How quickly time passes. Once again, school is over, choir is on break till after Labor Day, everyone is getting ready for summer vacations and life goes on. Congratulations to all our high school graduates. May you continue to succeed in your collegiate studies and all your future endeavors. Remember for those of you going on to out of town colleges, larger schools will have an on campus OCF group (Orthodox Christian Fellowship). Check it out and meet other young people who share your faith and values.

Philoptochos had another excellent year doing good works within our community and also reaching out beyond. Speaking personally, I love this organization and the women that belong to it. With every month I feel we bond more as a group and better understand our commitment to our church. Thank you to each of you for your help with all our coffee hours, our pastry baking, our Philoptochos fundraisers, and all our church related events.   Many thanks to Father Alexander for his support and to Litsa for her assistance with anything we ask of her.

On May 19th our chapter elected the following Philoptochos Board members: Julie Barefoot, Dina Goodson, Erika Hallis, Maria Kanos, Karen Koukies, Renee Lane, Debbie Malahias, Gail Morfesis, and Mary Morgan. Thank you to Litsa Da Rosa, Katherine Fasul, Helen Hasapis, and Haroula Karmazyn for having served on the Board the last two years.   After the election results are ratified by the National Philoptochos and Father Alexander administers the oath, the Board will meet and select officers to serve the next two years.

We will not have any more formal Philoptochos meetings till after the September Greek Festival. We will though meet two days in July and bake for the festival. These dates will be printed in the church bulletin. Check your bulletin also for an announcement concerning the date for an end of the year luncheon to be held at Albertos’s Restaurant. Join us as we relax and enjoy a good meal without rushing through a Sunday afternoon meeting.   In early August we will be donating to the School Backpack Program coordinated by Mr. Lee Warren and the Register of Deeds Office.

Have a safe summer, relax, enjoy your families, keep those in your prayers that are struggling with health issues, try to visit the homebound, and remember those that work to protect us, first responders and our brave military men and women.

In Christ’s Love,

Dina Goodson

A prayer from Maria Shriver’s Sunday page:

“Dear God, thank you for the chance to wake up each morning and see the world anew. May I approach my days with light, joy and wonder, and pass that feeling on to others.”

In God’s Love,

Dina Goodson Philoptochos President 

Holy Thursday 2019

2019 Vasilopita Day 


Mrs. Irene Bantsolas helping deliver fans to the Department of Social Services to be given to the families in need in this hot weather.



Philoptochos Meeting and Dinner at Alberto's Restaurant



 Holy Thursday 2018