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 President’s Letter – June & July 2019 

Fellow Church Members:


Christ has risen! Truly he has risen! Thanks to everyone who has attended church and participated in all the services that Fr Alexander has provided. Thanks to the Youth Ministry for organizing Greek Night at Fayetteville’s new SEGRA Stadium. About 75 church members attended the Woodpeckers baseball game and had a great time. Fr Alex did an excellent job in throwing out the first pitch, ........STRIKE!

On the 5th of May we had a Spring General Assembly and did establish a quorum. Two items were voted on. 1) We voted to raze the house at 1202 Woodlawn Rd. We have obtained a bid of $6,500 and will do this in the near future. 2) We also voted to transfer $70,000 from the Building Fund account to the Renovation Fund account. This will be used in conjunction with our donations to proceed with the renovations that were discussed and approved at the Special Meeting held in March.

The Renovation Fund now has over $200,000 in the bank and more has been pledged. With the permission of Metropolitan Alexios, we are going to have a beautiful upgrade to our Hellenic Center and bathrooms. I hope that in the future we can expand to the kitchen and complete our project in the Hellenic Center. Thanks go out to the Renovation committee for all their dedication and hard work.  

Stewardship for our church is always of primary importance. Nicko Poulos and Peter Kalogerinis are working very hard to increase our stewardship. Please keep in mind when considering church donations that each month it cost us almost $30,000 to pay the church bills.

Congratulations to our Sunday school graduates and thanks to Tom Johnston and the teachers for giving their time to our church. Also congratulations to both our high school graduates and to our college graduates. Finally, congratulations to Peter Kalogerinis for getting his Doctorate in Medical Sciences degree.

Summer is here and fun times for everyone are in store but let’s all be safe. Remember on Sunday we are not closed. Come to church, enjoy the service, then stay and visit after church for coffee and sweets in our Hellenic Hall.

Steve Goodson                            



2019 Parish Council Members

Steve Goodson Parish Council President
John Bantsolas Parish Council Vice President
Peter Kalogerinis Parish Council Treasurer
Philip Senter Parish Council  Asst. Treasurer
Karen Koukies Parish Council Secretary
Dr. Andy Morfesis Parish Council
Mary Morgan Parish Council
Haroula Karmazyn Parish Council
Jimmie Hallis Parish Council
Linda Higgins Parish Council
Nicko Poulos Parish Council