Evrytanian Association (Velouchi)


Evrytanian Association of America “Velouchi” Chapter No. 2

October 2019

On September the 22nd, the National Board of Evrytanian Association of America “Velouchi” had its first meeting. The meeting was well attended and the new executive committee done an excellent job in conducting the meeting. Representing our Fayetteville Chapter was Chapter President Alfred Barefoot and George G. Dais. The Daughters of Evrytania did not meet this time but they will meet on October the 6th.

The meeting began with a prayer. The president of Charlotte Chapter, Mr. George Liapis, welcomed all attendees to Charlotte.

The National President, Mr. James Chulkas welcomed everyone and expressed the dedication of everyone to continue with the philanthropic educational and cultural goals of the Association. The financial report was given by the Treasurer, Mr. James Kastriches. He has served the Evrytanian Association “Velouchi” for years with dedication.

The National President, Mr. James Chulkas, discussed Convention’s decisions for the National Board to execute this year.

The results of the 75th Historic Convention held will be presented in the next meeting. The plans for the 76th Convention to be held in Greece on July 22-24, 2020 was given by Nick Apostolopoulos and Bobby Tsiabasis. Schedule of events is attached to this report. More information will be given as soon as available.

The National Board elected Alfred Barefoot as the 2nd National Vice President. The National Board still needs to elect a 2nd National Secretary.

The next National Board meeting will be held in Greenville, SC on November 24th.


Alfred Barefoot, President 

 Chapter Officers

Alfred Barefoot – Chapter President, George Dais – Chapter Vice President

Chris T. Vlachos – Secretary, Paul Kanos – Treasurer

George Anagnostopoulos & Tasos Hasapis - Chapter Representatives

Maria Poulos – “Velouchi” Bulletin Correspondent

Dina Goodson – Daughters of Evrytania President

Irene Bantsolas – Daughters of Evrytania Representative


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